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Linking, connecting the dots...

What is Linkifico?

Linkifico serves as your guide through the journey of product and service creation, offering insights into management and productivity. More than just a blog, Linkifico acts as the architect of entrepreneurship, connecting the dots from ideation to execution. Explore the platform for holistic perspectives on product development, marketing, sales, finance, strategy, and corporate social responsibility. While business coaching and consultancy are available as options, the primary focus remains on fostering partnerships and collaboration to bring great business ideas to life. Join the journey of innovation and growth with Linkifico.


Unveiling Linkifico: Our Story, Purpose, and Values

Vision: Empowering managers, solopreneurs, intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurs worldwide to turn their ideas into impactful ventures, guided by insights, inspiration, and collaboration, while leveraging technology to enhance human potential.

Mission: Linkifico is committed to serving as a catalyst for innovation and growth, providing a platform for sharing the journey of product and service creation. Striving to connect the dots between ideation and execution, offering holistic perspectives on management, productivity, and entrepreneurship, rooted in academic principles and best management practices. The approach emphasizes critical thinking to drive informed decision-making and sustainable business outcomes, while embracing technology as a tool to automate tedious tasks and create value.

Purpose: The purpose is to inspire and educate individuals navigating the challenges of business and innovation, fostering a community of learning, collaboration, and opportunity. The aim is to document and share the stories behind the creation of diverse products and services under the Linkifico umbrella, highlighting the lessons learned, successes achieved, and challenges overcome, all while advocating for the responsible use of technology to serve humanity.

Value: Authenticity, creativity, and collaboration are valued at Linkifico. Belief in the power of sharing knowledge, experiences, and insights to drive positive change and transformation in the business world. Commitment to integrity, excellence, and continuous learning guides everything done as striving to empower and inspire entrepreneurs on their journey to success, while embracing technology as a force for automation and value creation.

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How Linkifico is different

Our Pillars


Strategic Insights for Innovation

Benefit from strategic insights informed by MBA expertise and directorial experience in small and large companies, guiding the creation of impactful products and services.


Navigating Complexity with Management Mastery

Overcome challenges and seize opportunities with expertise honed through extensive middle management experience, ensuring smooth operations and sustainable growth.


Tech-Driven Solutions for Growth

Navigate the digital landscape with confidence, leveraging our deep understanding of technology to drive innovation and success in your ventures.


Empowering Entrepreneurial Success Through Sharing

Gain insights and inspiration to fuel your entrepreneurial journey, leveraging our expertise to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the ever-evolving business landscape.


Ethical Business Solutions: Services Designed with Curiosity, Ethics and Innovation

Blog Publishing_ Sharing the Entrepreneurial Journey - teaching and sharing, abstract with

Blog Publishing: Sharing the Entrepreneurial Journey

Access exclusive strategic insights and industry expertise through our curated blog. Gain valuable guidance and inspiration for driving innovation and success in your ventures. Join our community of forward-thinkers to make informed decisions and achieve your goals.

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Tailored Business Coaching and Consultancy

Unlock your potential with personalized coaching tailored to your unique needs. Navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth with innovative solutions and holistic guidance.

Strategic Project Planning and Support, project management, project plan, scrum board with

Leadership Insight Day

Experience immersive learning as you shadow seasoned professionals and participate in strategic decision-making. Gain invaluable leadership skills and perspectives to lead with confidence and drive organizational success.

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